Svensk Show Champion

Occis Ballyliffin


Ägare: Mona-Lisa Liljenberg





HD * Ögon



A * UA








Normal * Född



SE14859/2011* 110127




















Black bitch, presented in excellent coat and condition. Sweetest of heads.

 Good neck and shoulders. Nice balanced outlinewhen stodd. Excellent upperarm.

Very good legs and feet. Moves sounly and happely when settled./Ken Grice, kennel Kyna (GB)/Club Show 2012


Elaine Thomas, Kennel Claramand. Tvååker 2012.

Over all a very attractiv girl. Very well balanced. I would prefer a bit shorter loin. She moves well with good rear. 

Beautiful coat. 












8 månader






























7 månader












4 månader










9 veckor












6  veckor

Ullas stamtavla


SEU(U)CH, Nord V-07 Travis Miles of Smiles



SEU(U)CH KBH V-05 WW-06 C.I.E DK UCH PL CH LU CH Travis Hold On to Your Dream



SE U(U)CH Paisley's Let Me B'the One




SE U(U)CH JWW-03 NO UCH Winline's Out of This World





SE U(U)CH Occis Dream Mile








Paisley's Here I Come




Travis Gossip Starts Here


Travis Brassed Off



NO UCH Classicway Coat of Arms


Nord V-01 SE V-01 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Travis Wake Up and Dream


SE U(U)CH Claramand B'serious


Paisley's Teardrops From Heaven


SE U(U)CH Northworth Infernal Fire


Paisley's Killer Queen





















Ulla vinner bästa tik sedan BIS på club Show 2012 















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